Consumer Bankruptcy

If you are deep in credit card debt, bankruptcy may be able to give you a fresh start.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy gets rid of most of your debts and allows you to keep your "exempt" property. In a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, the debtor must file a repayment plan with the bankruptcy court and must pay back part of the debt over a period of years.

For bankruptcies in Berks County, I meet with you in person, discuss your options, and then advise you on the type of bankruptcy you are eligible for and which best fits your needs. Unlike many other bankruptcy law firms, we spend time with you in person and we provide creative ways for you to stave off your creditors until you are ready to file.


$25 Office Consultation fee.
$900 fee + Filing Fee for a Single Chapter 7
$1,100 fee + Filing Fee for a Joint Chapter 7

Deming Law Office is a debt relief agency. Deming Law Office help people file for relief under the Bankruptcy Code.